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In the Fall of 2018, my husband and I decided it was finally time to make our health a priority. After a lot of research, we decided that the ketogenic lifestyle would work for us, and work for us it did! There was one consistent struggle, however, and that was finding keto friendly treats, sweets and bread products we felt we were missing out on. We discovered that there were very little options for healthy and tasty alternatives available for people on specialized diets, whether it be keto or those who live with diabetes and celiac disease. Our excitement at discovering a low carb, sugar free indulgence on the shelves of grocery stores would soon be met with disappointment as they were often dry, chalky, and left a chemical aftertaste (often from the use of unhealthy artificial sweeteners). If this new lifestyle was going to work, I needed to come up with a solution. 

I threw myself into ketogenic cooking and baking. I researched the best recipes, reworked good recipes and created my own recipes from scratch. Soon, we were indulging in food that tasted “just like the real thing.” Friends and acquaintances began to take notice of my daily posts featuring one of my new creations and I began getting private messages and emails, asking for recipes, guidance and inquiring if I would consider taking orders. After the repeated requests from my supportive husband of “you HAVE to open a restaurant” and a brainstorming session with a friend who was struggling to maintain the ketogenic diet, Friendly Keto Lady was born.

Where are you located?

By pre-order appointment only. No in-store purchases available. All baked goods are handmade fresh to order at the dedicated gluten-free Pandora Coho Commissary Kitchen located at 1623 Pandora St, Vancouver

Frequently Asked Questions

I have nut allergies and food intolerances/restrictions. Do you make accommodations?

All of my goodies are gluten free, handmade in small batches in a guaranteed gluten free facility.

The majority of my baked goods may contain almonds and some contain peanuts and tree nuts. Items listed as “nut free” are NOT baked in a nut-free facility and therefore are not suitable for people with nut allergies. 

Erythritol, Xanthan Gum and Psyllium Husk are ingredients that may cause digestive issues in some people so read the ingredients list carefully. 

Do you deliver to the Greater Vancouver Area or have Canada-wide shipping?

I do not offer delivery or shipping at this time. My hope is that as Friendly Keto Lady grows, this will be something I can consider in the future.

What types of ingredients and sweeteners do you use?

I am committed to providing my customers with delicious indulgences that are made using only the best keto friendly ingredients – local whenever I can. Grass fed butter, fresh pasture raised eggs, organic coconut oil, top quality almond and coconut flours, ground flaxseed and all natural sugar alternatives that are guaranteed not to raise blood sugar levels (mainly an erythritol / monk fruit blend).

I am committed to creating the very best products that will help you sustain a healthy, eat-to-live lifestyle, without sacrificing taste.

My pet accidentally ate a treat! Will they be safe?

In order to protect my customers who have pets at home, I do not use xylitol which is a sweetener that is very toxic to animals. However, it’s still probably best to check with your veterinarian just to be safe.

Do you offer Vegan Keto baked goods?

I currently do not offer Vegan Keto baked goods at this time.

Why are you preorder appointment only?

I do not currently operate with a physical storefront. I partner with the wonderful Coho Commissary Kitchen, which allows me flexible hours of operation within their facility.

My pick-up hours are specified in accordance with the days and times available for me to rent space in the commissary, as well as what is physically possible for me to bake and package on a given day so that your items are fresh and ready for you on time.


Where else can I find your products?

Currently you can find a wide selection of my products at Everything Keto (Langley & PoCo), Low Carb Grocery (Burnaby), Dessert Directory Kitsilano / Tera V Burger, Keto Express (online delivery in Vancouver), Vegan Fried Chick’Un (Fraser St), and Pharmasave Clayburn Centre (Abbotsford). More locations coming soon!

For wholesale inquiries, please email me at friendlyketolady@gmail.com.

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