Holiday Keto Sampler Box


The sampler box contains:

1 “Better Than Cornbread” Muffin – Cranberry or Regular
1 Snickerdoodle Cookie
1 Classic Shortbread Cookie
1 Gingerbread Man
1 Nanaimo Bar
1 Holiday Peppermint Brownie
1 Traditional Doughnut (your choice of topping)
1 Chocolate Doughnut (your choice of topping)

Nanaimo Bar

20 in stock

Traditional Doughnut


Chocolate Cake Doughnut

Chocolate Cake

Snickerdoodle Cookie

27 in stock

Classic Shortbread Cookie

38 in stock

Gingerbread Man

46 in stock

Holiday Peppermint Brownie

43 in stock

Cranberry Cornbread Muffin


20 in stock

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